FPV Dive

New Video Content Added

I added a good deal of new videos from my you tube channel. Many of them are of of my flying my mini quad and I also have one music video of a song I wrote many years ago. All were edited either in Adobe Premiere CC or Filmora. I like Filmora when I want something quick and I know I'll get a clean piece of work. When I want to have more controla and need to match audio with video on the dime. Premiere is my go to. I do enjoy Final Cut as well but I know the Adobe suit like the back of my hand and can rock and roll with it. You can see all of the videos in my portfolio here, video portfolio.

Music Video for Start Again

Many years ago I wrote a song with a friend who is a very talented musician. It was my attempt to write music. All these years later I decided to finally make a video to go with the song and here it is for your listening pleasure.

LowePro BP 250 Backpack

My DJI Mavic Pro Load Out

I've had the DJI Mavic for a few months now and finally have my pack in order that I really am pleased to travel with. I'm currently working on a video of the breack down of my pack but in short here is a quick list of my Mavic load out.